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website design and development including
domain management
content management systems
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A full range of services and customisable packages to suit your needs and budget.

From simple template website designs to bespoke web applications.


Marketing advice, consulting and management.

From DIY marketing plans to strategic marketing plans, set up and implemented for you.


goat track marketing

Canberra based website designer and developer and marketing consultant.
Providing web design, domain management, hosting, and marketing services in a range of packages to suit your needs and budget.

Who am I

I'm Claire. I started goat track marketing in 2014. I have been building websites since way back when geosites was still a thing. I have a degree in Internet Communications, a Masters in Business specialising in marketing, and experience in marketing planning, implementation, managing, and monitoring marketing activities.

My philosophy

Goat tracks are pathways made over time, worn into the ground by people (or animals) and formed by our natural inclination to take the most direct route to get where are going. Have you ever noticed the dirt track eroded across a corner of grass near where two footpaths meet? That's a goat track.

As a designer I believe in using intuitive design. Design should facilitate use, not dictate it.

As a marketer I believe in paving the goat tracks. Even a perfectly designed product or service can fail if it's marketed on the wrong path.

How it works

I can help you from start to finish, including branding, chosing domain names, domain management, hosting, website design and development, marketing planning, implementation and monitoring.

We can work out a tailoured service package to suit your project needs and budget. Ranging from pre-made websites for blogs, online stores, affliate businesses and portfolios or resumes to fully custom designed websites to suit your needs.


I can help you from start to finish, and can tailor services packages to suit your needs.
Website Design
Branding and Domain Management
Strategic Marketing
Content Management Systems
Social Media
UX Design
SEO Optimization
Ongoing Maintenance and Support


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